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Pervy Geek Fanciers

Where the sexy brains are.

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Pervy Geek Fanciers?

What we mean by "geeks" for the purposes of fancying them is: people with sexy brains. What I find most appealing is the spirit of intellectual curiosity often evinced by geeks. Those with a willingness to explore and analysis, to find out how the world works. Geeks are often, but not always, computer savvy (there are art geeks and such who might not be). Many might enjoy entertainment genres such as science fiction, anime, and British comedy. The best ones understand feedback loops, and can be the most amazing lovers you've ever met. I shall not continue to attempt defiinition, because the stereotypes really are just that, and none of us fits into them perfectly. It would be pretty boring if we did. If you don't know who you are by now, it's probably not worth further explanation. Geeks are the men and women of the future!

This community stemmed from a conversation between two of us where we decided a Harem of Geeks would be the ideal lifestyle choice for us.

So, if you are a geek, or you fancy them, welcome! Personal ads as well as conversation are welcome. Please don't include any commentary that's not work-safe unless it's behind cut tags.

Both polyamorous and monogamous geek fanciers are welcome here, though since those of us who first set it up are poly, you can expect that conversations might lean that way at times. (Polyamory: Many loves, open relationships, etc.) Gay, Straight, Bi, Transgendered, and any other label you like geeks are welcome as well.