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Someone to Roll With

(Re-posted, with modifications, from this initial link. This isn't spam, or an advertisement... well, at least not for anything but what I am hoping to achieve, which is True Love and Happy Ever After. Here goes... everything.)

[Someone] Someone to Roll With...
There's been a discussion under filters about an idea I had hit me recently, and I've decided to take it to the next level. Living my life in the over-the-top way that I always have, I've decided to take a semi-novel approach to finding someone to romantically spend it with.

I say "semi-novel," because I fully admit that some concepts I am drawing from are derived right out of "reality TV." Why the hell not? Clearly, people are entertained by some of that stuff, and it seems like a guy like me and folks like my circle of friends and colleagues can make something like that even more entertaining.

So I am about to launch my own "reality experience" -

Someone to Roll With...

Sean Patrick Fannon's Quest for the Gamer Girl of His Dreams

Using my Live Journal, Facebook account, and RPGLife blog, I am going to launch and conduct a public search for someone to date and, hopefully, build a life with. I hope to get on lots of gamer and geek-friendly podcasts, and I hope that the culture, overall, catches onto this thing and helps me make it a big deal and a fun thing for everyone to follow.

I'd like to get my hands on some vidcasting stuff, maybe even a vidcast-worthy camera. At the very least, I can try to make use of the stuff I have on my laptop. I want to chronicle the search and everything that happens along the way.

I originally planned to have a Judge's Table, made up of close friends and colleagues, who'd help me evaluate possible candidates and even be able to vote for those I should date, continue to date, or say "no thanks" to.

That idea has been scrapped; cooler and wiser heads prevailed; there's only so much of Reality TV worth importing, and that didn't ultimately appeal.

So, instead, now it's much more free-form, though it's still very out-there and over the top. The way I see it though, (a) my special someone will have an amazing opportunity to really get to know me through not only myself, but the many friends, colleagues, and even fans that I have that are "playing along."

I also need to post the parameters of my search - who I am looking for, in other words. I also need to put a lot of information out there about who I am and what my would-be Gamer Girl is getting in the process (though I already have some stuff out there for just that purpose).

Yes, this is wild and over-the-top. Yes, there's bound to be some publicity generated out of this, and you all know I never mind a bit of publicity.

Yet this is also a sincere effort on my part to find someone who I can share my life with - all of my life. Doing it this way, yes, means putting an important part of my life "out there," and there's always risk to that. But then, I've lived my entire life that way, so it makes a certain amount of sense to approach a quest like this in my established style.

In this way, not only do I stand a good chance of finding someone who shares my interests and comes very likely from the culture I am so intrinsicly a part of...

... I am also likely to find someone who shares my
penchant for living life to the fullest, out in the open, and with a wild streak. Anyone who can go through this and end up with me will almost certainly have the chutzpah necessary to be my Princess Bride With Dice.

So, here we go. If you think you know someone who might actually want to participate in this, well, obviously I'd love to have actual participants. So have them start watching this blog for more information.

Should be a very interesting ride. As always, comments welcome.

[EDIT] - As new people are coming here from other links, I thought it a good idea to post the follow on links here so that it's easier to navigate through the relevant parts -

About Sean

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Some general updates

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Another update - the first ladies to join in the Quest

Podcasts come knocking

So welcome to anyone who is either interested in pursuing this, or at least interested in following along to see how the story plays out.

After all, everyone likes a story with a Happy Ever After ending, right?
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