Eleri Hamilton (eleri) wrote in pervygeekfancy,
Eleri Hamilton

SoulGeek Rejects Poly folk

As reported by vaxjedi:

So, I'd heard about a place called soulgeek.com, which is a geek dating site. There have been a lot of ads, stuff at conventions, etc. I tend to wander onto such sites randomly. I'm on OKCupid, etc. So I made a profile last week. I noted that the marital status didn't have a 'married' optuion, just divorced and separated. So I chose separated and put in my description that there wasn't the right options and I'm poly. I then promptly forgot about it. Until I got this email:


Soul Geek has received unprecedented support from all over including our merchant
service provider, which is Bank of America. It is unheard of for a major domestic
bank to support a dating site as they are for the most part blacklisted in the
industry as being too risky. The reason for such support is the idea that we've
built a place where a guy who loves Star Trek, Batman and D&D can find a gal who
loves Star Trek, Batman and D&D and vice versa. They found the idea wonderfully
unique and worth supporting despite current policies regarding dating sites.

However, one of the many stipulations to which we are contractually obligated in
order to keep this support, is that our site would not become or be perceived as a
swingers/sex site in the Adult Friend Finder vain. At first we thought this was
silly – we're a geek site, why would swingers come here? Famous last words. Within
days of launching we were flooded with swinger profiles, some of which tended to
read: "We're a couple looking for a girl to play with," and/or married men with
profiles that essentially read, “I’m married, but looking for a little discreet
something on the side.” We had to decline all of these profiles making it clear
that while we have no objection to their lifestyle, these types of profiles do not
represent what Soul Geek was designed for.

And this is where you fall into a gray area. While we at The Soul Geek Network may
understand the distinction between swingers and "poly" arrangements, our Merchant
Services agreement regrettably does not. As such, we are terribly sorry but at this
time we simply cannot approve your profile as written.

The Soulgeek Network

So, as a rejection notice this is pretty nice. At the same time, I figured it was something poly geeks would want to know about. I think I'll send back a nice letter saying that I understand their position, but I'll not be using their service and be encouraging others to avoid it as well.


So, it's OK for straight, monogamous, single people to use their site to hook up, but not married people, cause that's dirtier.
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